This Month: Euromobil Telero Kitchen 

The Euromobil Telero Kitchen, designed by Roberto Gobbo takes its design cue from the Venetian teleri (canvases) of the 1500s. The main characteristic is its door design comprised of an aluminum frame to which a sheet of glass or ceramic is attached. This creates a lightweight but strong door with beautiful edge detailing. The Euromobil Telero kitchen is available in 29 different glass finishes and 10 different Laminam ceramic finishes. The aluminum door frame can be black or titanium for a beautiful contrasting detail.

GRES - Laminam Ceramic Front

The ceramic fronts by Laminam allow for continuation of the cabinet door finish to the countertop and integrated sink. The surface is strong, non absorbent, immune to scratching and withstand high temperatures. 

Paired with the aluminum frame of Telero it is a lightweight combination with up to 60% recycled contents.

Glass Front

Glass fronts combined with the Telero door system creates an exceptional pair of elegant sophistication. The visual appeal of matt mono colored glass is only surpassed by the DEKOR glass of Euromobil. A high definition digital imaging process creates realistic textile and stone textures which beautifully complement stainless steel or mono-colored ceramic countertops.

The toughened glass, strong by itself, is laminated and the integrated handle option provides further protection for a very durable kitchen. 

Systems and Accessories

Like all models from Euromobil, Telero can be joined with other models, accessories and systems for a wide pallet of design options.

Appliance garages with fabric roll-up doors, sliding space racks, pocket doors systems and open shelving are just a few of the many choices. Sliding tops, corner pantries and other hidden gems complete the luxurious design. 

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