About AMODO European Collection

Amodo European Collection is a family owned business with a design build background providing first quality European made custom cabinetry for Kitchens, Baths and Living Solutions.

Our Concept is simple and effective: Provide our clients with a large variety of cabinetry choices from several manufacturers at a single location. Time is precious and with our hand-picked collection of luxury brands we can offer the finish and design you are looking for. The need to run from one store to the next in order to find something you like is eliminated with over 400 finishes to choose from in kitchen cabinetry alone.  

Our Passion is exceptional design and superb craftsmanship. We are working with manufacturing partners that are primarily located in northern Italy which has a rich tradition of furniture design and craftsman skills reaching back centuries. Direct cooperation with the manufacturing plants allows us to have early access to new products or finishes, often before it becomes available to other markets. When it comes to exclusive custom designs, the process is simple: If we can draw it, our partners can build it. 

100% Made in Italy is a certification issued to most of our suppliers. It is a quality designation that guarantees that the product is made in Italy with Italian quality materials and even assures workmanship and a great work environment at the factories. 

Top Quality is not just in our products, but also in providing first class service during the process of designing the project for you. We believe in giving honest and relevant advice in regards to which materials and design will be best suited for your lifestyle and budget. Our service does not stop with the installation and you can count on us afterwards as well. 

We Care about our environment and health. We prefer Central European brands because we can rely on their strong commitment to protect our planet. Their regulations are often far ahead of anybody else when it comes to consumer protection. They strive to constantly improve products and processes and have a strong interest in developing better products. All of them use FSC certified materials. Better products means a healthier environment in your home. 

Healthier Products for you means no allergens and improved in-home air quality. We have a wide variety of products that are anti-allergens, non-toxic and have enhanced anti-bacterial properties. Even our base materials for cabinets has surpassed the newest US regulations by as much as 50% for years. Many of our products are certified for use in hospitals, schools and day-care facilities and even suitable for people with chemical sensitivities. Our newest finish is made 100% from recycled water bottles

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We know the challenges that go along with building a home or remodeling. With 15 years of home design and build experience we understand the process and support our clients with frequent site visits during their build or remodel phase. We make sure electrical, plumbing and framings is prepped correctly to assure a smooth and quick installation or our kitchens, closets and other home furnishings.