Italian Home Furnishings

Our Italian home furnishings for the entire home are beautiful, functional and unique. Individualization of finishes, configurations and size make each room a custom space. This perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic of these home furnishings transform your home to international elegance. 


Presotto Media Wall System

Media Centers and Storage

Italian furnishing systems for Media centers and living area storage add sophistication and functionality with an international flair. Beautiful Boiseries and display cases are perfect for displaying your collections of art or heirlooms. 

Shelving systems

Shelvings systems and libraries small or large can be used as storage units, accessories or room dividers. Another great example of upgrading your common area is using a shelving system with integrated lighting as a pantry.

Presotto Victor Table

Sideboards, Tables and Chairs

Italian furniture, revered through the world, convinces through impeccable artisinal quality and amazing designs. 

Our furniture has both beauty and comfortable functionality created by leading furniture designers in Europe

Some of the gems in our collection may even prove timeless as desirable collector pieces as time passes.

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Night Configuration
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Smart Living Solutions

Smart solutions for space optimization and multifunctional uses are essential in small quarters but also have uses beyond that. 

A room that can easily convert from a comfortable spacious play and study room to a bedroom enhances the use of that room. 

Envision a guest room that can be used for other activities and provide a bed for guests when needed. There are many options and opportunities to use smart furnishings throughout the house.

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