Wine Cellars Storage and Refrigeration

German manufacturer Liebherr is world renown for their commercial and residential refrigeration units and can be found in residences everywhere. Liebherr wine cellars are rated as the most quiet and temperature stable wine storage cabinets in the world. Their line of residential  refrigeration and freezer columns compete and often outperform other top brands.

Their freestanding units and their fully integrated line of refrigerators and wine storage cabinets are a great choice where more size efficient units are required. 

Wine Storage

Monolith 3-zone wine columns are perfect for storing exclusive wines in a highly controlled environment. Ultra-quiet and minimal vibrations not only keep wines in best condition but also ensure that these wine cellars are well suited for quiet living spaces.

For smaller storage freestanding and under-counter units fill the requirements. 

Monolith Column

Refrigerators and Freezers

Monolith Columns in widths between 18″-36″ make a statement and offer the best in freshness preservation with the Liebherr Biofresh system. Produce, cheeses, meats and seafood stay fresh for much longer thanks to perfect temperature and humidity control.

Available in panel ready or with steel doors the perfectly integrate with luxury kitchen designs.

Fully Integrated Refrigeration

Fully integrated Refrigerators, Freezers and Wine storage units are designed to fit inside standard cabinets. The are a bit smaller than columns a or freestanding units, but provide ample room for the needs of smaller families and are ideal for condos with limited space. 



Liebherr Fully integrated

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