"Whether your kitchen is the hub and heart of the home, or it just came with the house and you only use it on occasion - one thing is undisputed - it is generally considered the most important space in the home. We treat it as such!"

Our kitchen brands stand out among the top European kitchen offerings due to their innovative designs, superb product quality and excellent value. Each of the brands we selected for Amodo has specific features, modularities and material choices that are unique, exciting and always a little surprising.  

The variety we offer in design options, material choices and innovations is unmatched and our design team has the expertise to bring your dream to life, regardless whether the desired style is eclectic or comfortable, modern or classic. Each kitchen is custom designed and manufactured specifically for you.

Modern Kitchens

Kitchens featuring the lastest material developments and closely following the leading design trends of Europe. These beautiful kitchens can be stark and Avantgarde but also warm and welcoming with wood veneers and satin colored finishes. Modern kitchens fit well in most homes, even traditional styled homes. It is not uncommon in Europe to see them in neoclassical or even victorian buildings.

Designer Kitchens

Our exclusive designer kitchens are created by leading Italian Designers and represent their visions of a kitchen in the specific context of their theme. 

These kitchens are unique, stunning objects of art exploring  new materials and new trends. 

Transitional Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchens with moderate modern lines that fit beautifully in contemporary homes or more traditional home styles. A combination of modernized door profiles and modern elements make these kitchens the highlight of any new construction or updated home.

Eclectic Kitchens

Unique kitchens with custom personalized elements are sure to stand out in the well appointed home or condo. Surprising features such as completely hidden appliances and work areas are perfect when entertaining or keeping the open kitchen "out of the room".  

Classic Kitchens

Kitchens with classic designs featuring embellishments such as raised panel and other shaped door styles, mouldings, carved columns and applied carved decorations are a great choice for homes in distinct styles such as Victorian,  Craftsman, Neoclassic or Mediterranean.


Custom Kitchens and Interiors

All our kitchens are custom made to order for each client. However, the complete custom kitchen goes beyond that. Every detail, however minute, is custom tailored to our exact specifications and the choice of materials finishes is unlimited. If we can draw it - we can build it. These one of a kind kitchens are the ultimate in personalized designs and often reach beyond the kitchen to include custom interiors throughout the home.  Only imagination is the limit.   

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