Walk-in Closets and Wardrobes

Custom designed luxurious Italian walk-in closets and wardrobes are a perfect complement for new homes and also can easily be retrofitted into any existing space. They represent a valuable upgrade to any home. Custom closets and wardrobes can also be used as beautiful storage spaces in any area of the house, even in highly visible rooms such as the entry way. Their flexibility in layout allows to adapt the closet to new owners or the changing needs in the family. We have a wide variety of closet systems ranging from wall mounted open closets to freestanding wardrobes. 

Custom Closets and Wardrobes
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Closet Systems

A variety of closets systems allows us to create the perfect closet, regardless of size and functionality. You can choose from wall mounted, or open and closed walk-in closets with a large selection of finishes for both the exterior and interiors.

Each closet is custom designed for you and we also offer fully bespoke closets where only our imagination is the limit. 


Zalf Windy closet system

Flexibility and Room To Grow

A variety of functional design elements such as drawer boxes, accented shelving, organizers and lighting and allow for creativity and are sure to meet your individual requirements.

One great aspect of Italian closets its the possibility to change configurations as requirement change over time or with new home owners.  

Bespoke Closets

Bespoke closets offer the ultimate luxury. Every detail is custom designed for your personal needs and taste. With unlimited material choices and freedom to design practically anything, our designers create your dream closet and matching bathroom if so desired. 

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