EUROMOBIL presents SEI by Marc Sadler

The kitchen project SEI designed by Marc Sadler offers bold, unconventional design. Design, colors, materials and functions are all given a unique twist. The name SEI (six in Italian) refers to the 6 mm visual thickness of tops, side panels, shelves and accessories. The combinations of colors, wood, marble, steel and laminate create a functional kitchen with a wealth of exceptional materials. All this was made possible by artisan traditions, attention to details and technological innovation. This has all been achieved thanks to Euromobil’s know-how and expertise.

SEI is a young kitchen with a look designed to satisfy the needs of all those who value design, without foregoing aesthetic appeal and functionality, quality materials and artisan creativity. 

Every SEI kitchen solution has its own distinct and customized look: surfaces are bright and colourful, worktops are warm, attractive, solid and ready to face any type of stress. SEI not only comes in bold colours on the outside but also on the inside with its orange drawers. Beautiful elegant shapes create unique compositional harmony that can be customized. Integrated design allows special functionality and results in a high level of aesthetic quality.

A SEI Sign in Brown and Orange Tones

SEI is formal purity, elegance and magical finishes.

The 6mm size of the visible reveals, tops and shelves create a light, elegant and unique look, only achievable through attention to detail and technological innovation.  

SEI Ocean Storm Marble top and drawer front
Euromobil SEI Doha Fenix and Sand
SEI Fenix DOHA top and integrated sink
A Cutlery and Drawer Space for a Kitchen

This combination of DOHA BRONZE FENIX for the worktop, drawers and sink combined with Gray Laminate and black lacquered aluminum base features the SIPARIO storage with retractable doors and LED back panel. 

A Prototype of a Double Sink in a Kitchen
A Cutlery Drawer Close Up in Orange and Blue Theme
Sketch of three different types of drawers

The fronts are uniform with large doors or drawers crowned by a band of complimentary or contrasting color and material. A splash of color achieved through optional orange drawer sides is a welcome and friendly surprise.

Four different design sketches of table corners
Table corners with four different color shades

Available in 4 different variations characterized by either a monolithic shape without toe kick, a 8cm plinth, 35cm metal base or wooden legs with a wooden base accent SEI visually plays with volume and weight. 

Euromobil SEI red Fenix
Information about five different shades

Play with colors and materials

This combination uses 5 very different materials in an effortless blend . Rosso Japur FENIX nanotech laminate accented by natural solid elm wood separated by black aluminum integrated handles and LOSA MUNÈ a simulated representation of slate cut at 60 degrees. The interior drawers are orange lacquer. Each material with its own characteristic texture enhances the contrasts further.  The soft warm feel of FENIX, the grain of solid wood and the slate texture of LOSA heighten the visual appeal through the tactile experience.

Euromobil SEI red Fenix
Closeup view of a gray colored paint
Sei Blue and steel
Details about five different colors

This variant with an 8 cm toekick replaced the solid wood accent with stressed stainless steel which is continued on the countertops. Blue FEZ FENIX crates a cooler palette with different feel. Shown here is the backlit storage panel situated behind the work surface and the open shelving system. 

A four stand stove with a spoon holder
Black colored cupboard filled with glasses
SEI Medium high cabinet backlit
SEi in Comodoro Green FENIX with SIPARIO Back Storage
Details about three different colors

Tall units with pocket doors in gray laminate conceal workstations and large appliances, The green FENIX with its ultra matt, soft surface and solid natural elm accent gives elegance and sophistication to this arrangement. 

SEI Retracting door Cabinet with Storage drawers
Euromobil SEI gray tall cabinets
SEI In Green FENIX and KER Purple Gray
Smooth corner of a wooden table
Euromobil SEI black Fenix and Ocean Storm marble 1

Exclusive natural elm with basket weave grain effect is used for the base legs and for the matching attached table and stools. The Ocean storm marble top and INGO black FENIX fronts complete a stunning combination with exquisite detail. Unique, elegant contrasts between the warmth of wood, natural granite and high-tech laminate.

Euromobil SEI black Fenix
SEI with Black Fenix solid Elm table and Ocean Storm Marble top
SEI with solid Elm table and Ocean Storm Marble top
SEI in white FENIX and Copacobana Granit

The Tuxedo among the countless variation of SEI : White FENIX KOS with Copacobana Granite. The island rests on elegant on thin metal legs. The black vertical grip on the tall cabinets like a strip of formality. The playful movement of the natural stone is like the musical backdrop at a festive ball. With the fewest lines and simplest of colors, Sadler creates a timeless masterpiece.

Euromobil SEI White and black
SEI in white FENIX and Copacobana Granite Detail
SEI in white FENIX and Copacobana Granite, Quinte open shelve units