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Cooling redefined

As a refrigerator and freezer specialist, Liebherr has been consistently developing and producing innovative and leading product solutions for over 60 years. Their impressive range of refrigeration and freezing appliances stands out in offering intuitive operation, energy efficiency and classic European design as well as many practical functions designed to help food retain its freshness and quality, thereby contributing to a healthy, modern lifestyle. The new Liebherr MONOLITH freezer and refrigeration columns are redefining these type of appliances with innovative features and beautiful designs. 

Liebherr wine cabinets are considered the best in the world due to their outstanding temperature and humidity control. Ranging from 12 to 178 bottles capacity there is the perfect size for your wine storage needs. Some of their wine cellars are designed for long term storage other wine cabinets with 1, 2 or 3 temperature zones, are designed to be freestanding, integrated, under counter or even wall hung. 

Monolith - Cooling redefined