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Italian Kitchen Design and Commitment to Quality

EUROMOBIL Italian Kitchens benefit from 47 Years of Italian craftsmanship and design culture brought together. The resulting kitchens exalt the international reputation of Italian-made furniture. EUROMOBIL offers a variety of kitchen models and wide selection of finishes. Some models are developed by renowned designers with unique and exclusive features that place them at the top of the kitchen design world. The latest model, “SEI”, designed by Marc Sadler, is exemplary for Euromobil’s commitment to cutting edge design and implementation of the latest technology in surface materials.  

100% Made In Italy, a label that guarantees excellent workmanship, locally sourced raw materials and complete manufacturing in Italy produces a superior product in design and material quality. 

EUROMOBIL has a strong commitment to protecting the environment and offers the best possible product to their clients. Water-based lacquers, recycled products, non-allergenic and non-toxic materials used in these Italian kitchens protect eco-systems during manufacturing and improve indoor air quality in your home.   

A Euromobil Italian Kitchen is the luxurious beauty of exceptional design paired with materials that accentuate the quality below the surface.