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“Telero is inspired by 14th century Venetian ‘telero’ oil paintings in which art and craftsmanship created practical, timeless works. Today’s version features artisan finishes and technological materials: an anodised aluminium frame with titanium and absolute black finishes and a special finely striped effect, and 4 and 6 mm slim multi-material panels. An integrated handle is the design feature that provides a continuum between base units and tall units.”
Roberto Gobbo
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SEI in black Fenix

SEI by Marc Sadler

“Sei for six millimetres, which is the thickness of tops, side panels, shelves and accessories... panels like blades; only Italian flair can achieve such effects. I juggled with materials and colours, mixing wood, marble, steel and laminate for a single purpose: to implement a simple but functional project with a wealth of super materials and interiors and the use of colours. All this was made possible by artisan traditions, attention to details and technological innovation.”
Marc Sadler
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LEON by Roberto Gobbo

“The distinguishing feature is the door, which boasts an anodized aluminium frame with tray-type grip at the top and slim 5 mm thick edge trim on the vertical sides, 12 mm on the horizontal sides, surrounding a slightly raised multi-material panel. The succession of more fronts creates a pleasant and exclusive geometric scheme. The name is a tribute to Leon Battista Alberti, whose works were designed to impress through the intellectual prestige of proportions rather than ostentation and strength.”
Roberto Gobbo
Coming WINTER 2019