ARMONY CUCINE represents over 40 years of excellence in modern Italian kitchen cabinetry fueled by imagination, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. Design and quality have always been the cornerstones of Armony’s approach. This is demonstrated by an ongoing search for aesthetic and technological improvement reflected in the beauty, all-round excellence and attention to detail featured by its products. Today as yesterday ARMONY CUCINE is striving for continuous improvement to create a new image for the kitchen of tomorrow. A large selection of finishes including award-winning specialty lacquers provide an inspiring palette for the designer and homeowner. 

Armony Cucine modern kitchens represent contemporary life-styles that express the beauty of Italian kitchen comfort, dynamism and freedom of movement through each model. Functionality and great design go hand in hand with high-end storage hardware and beautiful design elements. Accessories not only to make the kitchen more functional but also to provide distinctive features that make each design unique. The result is a modern Italian kitchen with a perfect interaction between all of the kitchen’s elements.

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